Monday, November 15, 2010

"Whine" Glasses


two years ago, i made all my girl friends wine glasses for christmas. i visited my family in alabama this past weekend & my mom asked me to make her a few glasses because they would be perfect for two of her friends. i never took pictures of the other ones i made, so i wanted to share these with you. they are easy to make & are perfect for personalization!

you can change the style of dress, colors, patterns, & saying!
cute ideas would be a flower, zebra or leopard print dress

[i hadn't cleaned my finger prints off the glass yet!]
change the saying to relate to the person you are making it for. if the person likes to whine a lot, use my saying. other ideas are:
gameday diva (decorate glass in your favorite team's colors)
put on your big girl panties
it's 5 o'clock somewhere
party, party, party...let's all get wasted
tip me over and pour me out


  1. I can't wait to make these for Christmas gifts! What did you use to make the paint lines so fine? A paint marker? Do you need to put any type of clear coat afterward? Thanks!

  2. They were so much fun to make! I used a paint pen to write on it. Once that dried, I painted a clear coat of protectant sealer I got at Hobby Lobby on top of the writing and paint on the dress.


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