Monday, September 26, 2011

a few of my favorite things...

I don't want to be selfish and keep you from knowing about these things because you may fall in love with them just as I have!
I recently bought this Michael Kors Python Iphone Wrislet, and let me tell is awesome!  What better way to carry around your necessities on game day or a girls night out.

I can't live without my HOT TOOLS Helen of Troy Curling Iron.  This curling iron makes such a big difference!  People who complain about their hair not holding curl-start with this curling iron and add the necessary hair products and I'm sure you will have great results!  My sister is a hair stylist and this is the best curling iron out there for your money!

Do you love Sharpies but HATE when they bleed through your paper?  Faber-Castell artist pens are your solution!  They look and write just like a sharpie, but because they are made from indian ink they do not bleed through your paper and are waterproof.  You can buy them at Hobby Lobby.           


Sunday, September 25, 2011

olive. black. gold.

I'm wearing the earrings that I got at Target that I shared with you on my other blog post!

clogs, Steve Madden.  feather earrings, Target.  dress, McAuley's Unique Boutique.  belt, Urban Outfitters.  bracelet, World Market.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

get organized

Time and time again I hear people say "I can't find anything in my closet!"  Well, no wonder-it's because it is an unorganized mess!  My best friend and past roommate never said those words, but when she wanted help picking out an outfit, I was the one saying it about her closet!  Finally one day I went and spent a little bit of time hanging up her clothes correctly and color coordinating them.  Here is the HUGE difference it made:

For my closet, I take organization to a whole other level.  I have to have all the same matching hangers.  It is color coordinated within groups (tanks, jackets, tops, dresses, pants, skirts and shorts).  This way it makes it much easier to find an outfit when you are in a hurry & you can step back to marvel at your collection!

Diamond in the Rough

Every girl loves diamonds-I don't think anyone would protest against that statement!  Recently, I began to think about what my engagement ring would look like:  Would the diamond be too small or too big?  What style do I really like the best?  Would it be gold or silver?  I really never had my "dream engagement ring" picked out like some girls do.  Trying to be realistic about cost, I began to look at diamond rings last week when I was waiting for a ring of mine to be cleaned at the jewelers.  Of course a 1 to 3 carat diamond would be ideal to most any girl but the cost of a quality diamond that size is out of my boyfriends budget.  Call me crazy, but after that day of looking at rings, I came home and started looking at different styles online-just so I knew what I liked.  I instantly fell in love with rough diamonds!  No, they don't sparkle and shine like most diamonds do, but they are unique and artsy looking-just my style!

This cluster ring is absolutely gorgeous, combining rough diamonds with cut diamonds...but don't get your hopes up ladies-it is already sold...but still fun to look at!
This also combines a LARGE rough diamond with small cut diamonds to still give it that wow factor and make it shine.
I don't know that I would like a rough diamond to be this dark of a color for an engagement ring, but I like the modern style combined with the rough diamond.  It is made by this Etsy artist, and can be customized with a different stone.
I love the way this ring was handmade because it is different than the others I saw and is mounted in the gold instead of with prongs.
This Victorian ring is a unique setting, but can still be pricy once you get the exact size and color rough diamond you like.  The designer of this ring has other really cool designs...Check it out!
The rough detail of the silver creates a look that is unforgettable!  The only downfall is this is not a diamond but a citrine.
Last but not least, is my favorite one of all [once it is customized].  This ring is by an artist on Etsy.  She can customize the ring to be made of any material (white, yellow or rose gold), any size diamond, and in a matte, hammered or polished finish.  The diamonds pictured below are ones she has to choose from.  I would want a large diamond with 18k gold, but I am unsure if I prefer the matte or polished finish.


What is your "dream engagement ring"?