Wednesday, September 21, 2011

get organized

Time and time again I hear people say "I can't find anything in my closet!"  Well, no wonder-it's because it is an unorganized mess!  My best friend and past roommate never said those words, but when she wanted help picking out an outfit, I was the one saying it about her closet!  Finally one day I went and spent a little bit of time hanging up her clothes correctly and color coordinating them.  Here is the HUGE difference it made:

For my closet, I take organization to a whole other level.  I have to have all the same matching hangers.  It is color coordinated within groups (tanks, jackets, tops, dresses, pants, skirts and shorts).  This way it makes it much easier to find an outfit when you are in a hurry & you can step back to marvel at your collection!


  1. I only use white hangers! Unfortunately my husband brought other colors to the mix when we got married (ick!!).

  2. Ugh, I'm sorry! I would hate that! I cannot stand mixed distracting! haha


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