Wednesday, October 12, 2011

obsessed with all things apple

You know what they say.... "once you go mac, you will never go back!"  & that is true!  Once I started working on a macbook, I thought to myself, "how did I ever use a pc?!"  (I'm not hating on all you PC lovers/users) but apple products are truly reliable.  Me being a computer junky--I needed something that wouldn't quit on me.  Once, Verizon FINALLY got the iphone I had my hands on it & could never switch to any other phone.  I'm always looking for new, exciting apps.  It's not always easy to find apps because there are so many out there.  I found it's best to ask friends what they I want to share with you my favorite iphone apps!  Oh, and let's not forget...THANK YOU STEVE JOBS!

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  1. I am an apple fanatic as's serious. ;)


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